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New Earth map codes of light

Atlantis crystal grid

New Earth map codes of lightis not only the title of my last album but it is also the name of a multidimensional awakening experience for the activation of the New Earth light codes. 


The dawn of the new day is now upon us. Every soul has the opportunity to be reborn into the new Light by following the radiant thread that links the space-time lines to the present and the New Age. To undertake this journey is to heal the soul by awakening its oldest memories of the holy city, the first matriarchal Atlantis, where it all began.  

New Earth Map codes of light workshop is an opportunity for a big jump into the ascension of the Fifth Dimension Light. It is an infusion of high frequencies of light and divine love descending from the Kingdom of Heaven and coming through the aeons Christ and Sophia. Sounds, vibrations, visions, messages and revelations will come to awaken within you the power of devotional love that connects you, since the Origen, to Mother Earth and to the aeons Christ and Sophia.

In the first part of the workshop I will be speaking and talking about some topics (that I wrote about in my book "The Gnosis of Divine Love. Revelations on the Mysteries of Sophia"): the Origin of light in the universe; the divine blueprint for the divine union of creatures on Planet Earth; the first cycle of Atlantis, where I bring the memories and that I've called the first matriarchal Atlantis; the second and the third cycle of Atlantis; Lemuria and other subsequent civilizations.

The second part will be focused on the experience. The inner exploration will take place through multiple tools like my chanting in the language of light, through sound, through multidimensional meditation and channeling.


We will starts from the ancient roots of the first matriarchal Atlantis where it all began and with the guidance of Christ and the messages of the population of the Hollow Earth. We will walk between parallel dimensions to rediscover the true path for the ascension to the New Earth of light. From the ancient Atlantis, to the New Earth and passing by the Hollow Earth... I will guide souls to connect with the heart and spiritual heart to open the door to a higher unconditional love that will lead us to the interdimensional door of the Hollow Earth.

I will transfer in the language of light codes of light and spiritual frequencies coming from Christ and from the Most High that are able to:
- restore the light matrix of the soul, expression of the geometry of the Flower of Life (that when working is able to transfer the 5 spiritual frequencies from which the 5 elements were created);
- open the energy flow which connects the soul to the cosmic family and to the Family of Light (Christ and Sophia's Family);
- activate ancient memories of the first matriarchal Atlantis.

Voice, heart, soul and body will be involved in a 360 degrees multidimensional healing work.

 Lecce 20.08.22

Cosmic Vegan Fest  |   Bernardini Library    |   Lecce, ITALY

Forlì 27.08.22

Relaxation in the CHAOS   |   Terme Paneghina Park   |   Forlì, ITALY

Bergamo 16.10.22

The Alchemist Library   |   Alchemist   |   Bergamo, Italy

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