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Divine plane emissary, spiritual healer, celestial voice, pure channel of divine love for the Supreme Creator. Along his way he awakens the wisdom of his Spirit that manifests the light of the aeon Sophia.

The intertwining of art and spirituality is a characteristic of Sophia Irene Mapai's life and path of awakening. Her professional career had to do with the production of digital and multimedia graphic arts until when, in 2005, she experiences her first spontaneous mystical experience in contact with the light of Christ. Since then her life has changed completely. Christ delivers her messages and guides her to the awakening of very ancient memories of previous lives (including her life in the first matriarchal Atlantis) and of the consciousness of her spirit expression of the aeon Sophia. Each of her creations contains the wisdom of the divine feminine.

Celestial voice, channel for celestial consciousness and for the awakening of ancient souls, through her music, arts, books, she transfer high healing frequencies, codes and geometries that reactivate the Celestial DNA and the knowledge of divine love as a spiritual energy that descends from a higher universe of light (that she speaks about in her first book). To find traces of these teachings the memory of the soul must make a great leap back to the origin of human life on Earth and reach the first matriarchal Atlantis. Sophia Irene Mapai brings the knowledge and wisdom of multidimensionality of voice sound that for her is a divine tool used in Atlantis to balance Mother Earth' energy. Along her path she awaken all the spiritual potential hidden into her voice and the ability to dialogue with light through sound, by channeling celestial languages, such as the language of light.

For many years she has been working for the spiritual healing and awakening of ancient souls, individually and in group.

Sophia Irene Mapai is the catalyst of the ascension process of Mother Earth in the Fifth Dimension and under the guidance of the Heavenly Father she moved to the US in 2012 (Miami) where she began the divine service for Mother Earth, a sacred pilgrimage along the Layline of the Dragon. She has traveled to Bimini Bahamas, Israel, Palestine, Jordan, UK, Ireland, India, Nepal, Norway where she brings her powerful light to purify Mother Earth's energy and reactivate ancient heavenly portals.

In 2021 she published her first book “The Gnosis of Divine Love. Revelations on the mysteries of Sophia” and her first album in the language of light "Divine Restoration”. In 2022 the second album “New Earth map codes of light” has been released and in 2023 she publishes the second book “Divine Love meditation practice”.

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