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Divine Restoration

When I listen to these melodies I completely abandon myself to what come and i'm feeling protected. They are journeys, they are care, they are pure love. Divine Restoration is a river of pure water in which the soul can let itself go to live in its luminous part of joy and remember its true essence.

Maria Lucia G.

Light code map for New Earth

During my many travels along the layline of the Dragon I have received and transmitted through my voice and songs many codes of light and celestial geometries to Mother Earth. The powerful frequencies of divine love have destroyed the dark codes that the dark forces have implanted in Mother Earth to bring down her consciousness and frequency. Listening to the codes and melodies included in this album rekindle the drive for the ascension, fallowing the spirit of Gaia.

Viaggi di Sophia Irene Mapai lungo la Laylinea del Drago

2012 - 2022 Travels and visits to sacred places along the layline of the Dragon, in divine service for the healing of Mother Earth: Glastonbury, Camelot, Tor, Chalice Hill, Somerset Valley, Jerusalem, Sea of Galilee, Jericho, Dead Sea, Bimini _cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_Bahamas, Atlantis Vortex in the Atlantic Ocean, Miami, Petra, Valley of the Kings, Red Desert, Amman, Stanton Drew Circles, Lofoten Islands, Oslo, Arctic Pole, Galway, Cliff of Moher, Ennistymon, Dublin, Florence, Lecce, Ischia...


Divine Restoration


This album includes over400 minutesof guided meditations. Ten frequential trips of approx40 minuteseach forthe activation of celestial DNA. The album is an integral part of the opus "The practice of divine love" my new book that deals with the activation of celestial DNA and which represents the manual of Divine Love Mandalas. 

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