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A book willed by the Supreme Light that collects the revelations of Christ and the Most High that Sophia Irene Mapai has been channeling for years.

These and many other questions are answered by Sophia Irene Mapai’s spiritual research, shared in the book The Gnosis of Divine Love. Written on the foundation of over four thousand hours of channeling and over ten years in the service of the spiritual healing of the souls of the Children of the Light, the book is not a novel, nor an essay but contains revelations traced by the spiritual movement of historical Gnosticism that rewrite the vision and history of Sophia. The aeon Divine Justice is put to the test by the Celestial Father in the City of Light founded by Sophia and invested with an important role. But hatred conquers her heart again, leading her to plan a plan to destroy Sophia and take over her creation. A plot is born in which one of Sophia's daughters, Toleis Acura, joins forces and together with Divine Justice and the devil slowly lead all the children of light to betray the Divine Plan. The first Atlantis is invaded by its army of aliens and destroyed. Thanks to the alien implants, he makes Sophia's children slaves to his hatred and distorted vision. She founded the second Atlantis and then the third Atlantis where she and the Demiurge reign unchallenged, appropriating the light of all creatures to transfer it to Nibiru, her artificial planet where she plans to rebuild her creation.


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The book then goes on to describe the dark operation of the Demiurge and the aeon responsible for the fall of Sophia, actions implemented in the universe and on Mother Earth since the fall of the first Atlantis to destroy the Light of Sophia, to appropriate the Light of souls and to change the Divine Plan. A new story is portrayed of the fall of humanity's consciousness of Origin, the frequency fall of Mother Earth, the coming of Christ and the role of Sophia embodied in Myriam of Migdal (Mary Magdalene). Thanks to the memories of her previous lives and thanks to the memories of many other Children of the Light for whom she performs spiritual healings, the author was able to reconstruct the events related to a conspiracy built behind the back of the sacred couple, which completely overthrows the story told in the New Testament and the image of Yeshua and Myriam.

The Gnosis of Divine Love offers a path of knowledge that is intended for the Truth seekers, willing to question their beliefs in order to accept the Truth that is hidden in the soul. It is meant for those ancient souls, Children of the Light, who feel a strong "call" to return to the purity of the Origin dictated by the Supreme Will, in order to reach a higher goal than the mere material realization. Those who feel internally divided, pushed down by forces that escape awareness will not only find answers in The Gnosis of Divine Love but also tools to fight energetically and spiritually those forces.

"Dalla copertina fino all'ultima pagina del libro ho compiuto un viaggio, un viaggio nella verità. Verità che scuote, capovolge, sconvolge, spezza catene e credenze, convenzioni e bugie..."

Giulia F.

"Leggendo questo libro si viene a conoscenza dell'esistenza di un mondo di sola Luce, dove luce e oscurità non coesistono... In cuor mio avevo sempre dubitato di questo miscuglio..."

Monica C.

"La lettura non è leggera nè ordinaria poichè il libro presenta molti messaggi che contraddicono le credenze di chi aspira al risveglio spirituale  anzi fa risplendere una verità molto difficile ma non per questo meno reale".


Marco M.

"L'opportunità della liberazione".

Giulio. F.

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