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(Now available in italian language)


Art and spirit, image and sound merge in this forthcoming multimedia work of mine in which I guide towards inner experience of the realms of the heart, according to the teachings of Christ and Sophia. A work not only to be read but listened to through the ten guided meditations which integrate the text. All for the activation of celestial DNA.

The book and the spiritual vision

The information contained in The Gnosis of the Divine Love is part of the historical Gnosticism, a wide spiritual movement (born in the Middle East), fragmented in multiple sects, some of which can be traced back to the secret teachings of Yeshoua Ben Josef, better known as Jesus of Nazareth.​

Who is the aeon Sophia, the Bride of Christ? What is her spiritual frequency and why is she so important in this age?

These and many other questions are answered by Sophia Irene Mapai’s spiritual research, shared in the book The Gnosis of Divine Love. Written on the foundation of over four thousand hours of channeling and over ten years in the service of the spiritual healing of the souls of the Children of the Light, the book is not a novel, nor an essay but contains revelations traced by the spiritual movement of historical Gnosticism that rewrite the vision and history of Sophia.

Il libro La pratica dell'amore divino
campo energetico umano con nove vortici

THE Divine Love Mandalas set the pace for frequency raising as they are the mirrors of harmonic vibrations fundamentals for the soul traceable to the aeons Sophia and Christ. Mandala after mandala, meditation after meditation, the practice described in the book offers the reader the possibility of climbing the rungs of a frequency ladder from below, from the mandalaRooting principle(the first of the Divine Love Mandalas) which speaks of the origin of light in the universe and the first descent of the soul, goes up toCrystal clear consciousness(the ninth) the mandala that contains the powerful vibrations ofHollow Earth, where a Fifth Dimensional frequency still exists. Moreover, thanks to the joint action of multiple stones and crystals provided for in the work on the energy field, during the practice a powerful vibrational synergy will be created capable of progressively reopening the p multidimensional communication source that connects the heart of ancient souls, with the heart of Mother Earth, with the heart of Sophia and Christ.

Divine Love Mandalas - Principio di radicamento

Light codes and DNA activation

Energy field work

The method and practice of energetic self-healing described in the book take into consideration the evolved human energy field made up of multiple energy vortexes, some internal and others external to the physical body. The central objective of the practice is to unlock the seals of nine energy centers essential for restoring multidimensional functionality in the soul and opening the way for cosmic and spiritual consciousness. For this purpose the book guides you through two practical paths: one dedicated to purification of the soul from the seven dark vibrations that have damaged the light of the soul in the course of its reincarnations; the other dedicated to increase in frequencies of your energy field.

The book offers numerous resources to use as tools for awareness. Through the questionnaires, the layouts with crystals and stones, the diary, the meditations with the energies of the planets you will confront yourself, increasing your level of consciousness from time to time and the energy awareness.


"Ogni mandala mi ha trasmesso sensazioni diverse e attraverso le meditazioni guidate sono stata trasporta in un’altra realtà e le esperienze che ho vissuto sono state a volte dolorose, altre volte ho avuto visioni di meravigliosa bellezza, altre volte ancora mi hanno mostrato quali centri energetici avevano subito attacchi oscuri nell'arco delle vite precedenti."

Mary G.

"Con la meditazione Ali di Compassione percepisco la gioia e la leggerezza della mia anima quando finalmente è libera di volare attraverso le dimensioni dell’amore e della verità, mi sento immersa nella luce, sento la presenza accanto a me della mia guida che mi invita ad aprirmi ancora di più, l’emozione è così grande che mi commuovo sempre"

Valeria F.

"Le meditazioni con i Divine Love Mandalas mi hanno aiutato ad entrare in connessione con energie cosmiche a cui il mio essere non era abituato."

Cristina S.

"La pratica dell’amore Divino è per me un’insieme di viaggi magici dove il mio cuore si emoziona e si purifica grazie all’incontro con le energie di Sophia, di Cristo, di creature divine come la fenice, l’unicorno, la potenza del sole e magici cristalli..."

Lucia G.

Guided meditation


The multimedia files consists of ten guided meditations in Mp3 (40 minutes each for a total of 400 minutes) that you can purchase separately from the book in my shop. My voice and my singing in the language of light will guide you on extraordinary journeys (nine of which are combined with the nine Divine Love Mandalas foreseen by the meditation practice) in which, thanks to the powerful synergy created between vision and sound, the cerebral hemispheres realign themselves to open links between the mind and the heart, between the soul and the consciousness. Through the book and through guided meditations, I transmit an extraordinary amount of codes of light that I have channeled over the years and which restore the DNA, reawakening in the souls of the Children of the Light and their belonging to the Family of Light.

The light codes included in the guided meditations are powerful divine seals that unlock the energy centers and awaken forgotten multidimensional potentials within you.

Meditazioni guidate con La pratica dell'amore divino
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